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DAB+ and Radio Transmitters

This section deals with both DAB+ digital radio and analogue radio transmitters in Malta. Some parts are still a work in progress.


Note: Malta uses the newer DAB+ standard for all digital radio broadcasts. Therefore, if you wish to listen to digital radio in Malta, you will need a DAB+ compatible radio. Look for the green DAB+ logo (right) when buying a new radio.

The first DAB+ broadcasts commenced in 2008 on frequency block 6A, with block 6C following in 2012. These two frequencies broadcast most of the stations. A further frequency block, 12A, was used for a variety of test and trial services, but now carries regular services as well.

All of the multiplexes that operate on the three frequencies are operated by Digi B Network. You can find their website at www.digibnetwork.com. The multiplex on frequency block 12A is now being operated in conjunction with UK based Like Media Group.

6A Station List

6C Station List

12A Station List

Analogue Radio

A total of 13 stations broadcast to Malta on FM, with Radju Malta 1 also available on AM (999MW). More details on these transmissions will follow soon.

On Gozo, two transmitters have so far been identified, one at Xewkija, broadcasting Radju Prekursur on 99.3 FM, and one at Xaghra broadcasting Radju Bambina on 98.3 FM.